Welcome Alumni

This event has been cancelled.

To the classmates of BHS 1970

It is with sadness that I share that the April 1 and 2, 2022 reunion has been cancelled. Recent unforeseen complications, many phone calls expressing health concerns and an increasing number of cancellations pointed to this as the most prudent choice at this time. The event will NOT be rescheduled at this time. Refunds for tickets and donations will be processed over the next couple of weeks. If you paid by credit card, it will be returned to the card; if you paid by check, the refund will be issued shortly. Please cancel any hotel rooms booked.

I started this project in early 2019, with the goal of finding and inviting as many of our 223 classmates as possible. I found information on all but four, and did not hear back from 33 others. About thirty eight of our classmates have passed away (there could be more in the list of those who didn’t respond). Over the last three years, I have had wonderful conversations with many people, heard extraordinary stories of life over the past 50 years, both happy and sad. I’ve heard from teachers and coaches. I’ve seen some of our classmates struggle with health and some pass away. It has been a fun, emotional and rewarding ride, and I thank all of you for that.

It is my hope that you will continue to reach out to each other, reconnect and share stories. I’m formatting a directory and bio file, and an obituary booklet that will be available to classmates who request it. If you haven’t filled out the contact and bio form, please do so at https://forms.gle/22S8SRVt7JJEk3397. The Facebook group will remain active, please check it out if you haven’t joined, and the website will remain active through to renewal period.

Thank you to the many classmates that helped along the way; I could not have done this without you. Joyce Garbee Siddons and Carol Noell Brogan for getting this event started, Cindy Crouch Willoughby for all her event help and knowledge, David Inge for booking the Friday meetup, Randee Perkey Humphrey for the tours, Mike and Mitch Dossett for guidance and advice, and all the others who showed up at the meeting, online, email and phone calls with help and advice (I know I’m forgetting someone). Thanks to the many donors for offering extra funds to get us going, it certainly made things easier. (Your generous funds will be refunded to you). Thank you for your patience and encouraging words, I appreciate your enthusiasm for the event and the willingness to be flexible.

Please email bhsbees1970@gmail.com, call or text me at 919-539-7290, or Facebook message any questions.

One final note:  it would be a wonderful result if you all would take just a moment to reach out to a former classmate with a call, note, or email just to say hi. Reconnect and keep in touch with each other, maybe schedule a mini-reunion at a local outdoor eatery or park. Take care and stay healthy, and hopefully we can get together in the future. Keep in touch!

Recognize these students?

Contact Info:

If you haven’t been contacted by phone, mail or email, make sure to send your us your contact information!

Email: bhsbees1970@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BHSBees1970/

Organizer/Committee Chair
Call or text: Nancy Dalton Breeding