Classmates Missing from Contact- updated

Below is a list of classmates that we still need to contact.

The following have had phone messages left and/or mail contact, but haven’t responded. Names in parentheses are possible married names. If you are in touch with any of these classmates, please contact them or me and let me know. Even if they aren’t interested in the reunion, I would like to mark them as contacted and encourage them to fill out the bio form. Thanks.

Dennis Neal Ashwell
Linda Sue Banton (Ball)
Mattie Kathryn Bersch (Wright/Johnson?)
David Randall Burns
Darlene Cantrell (Clements?)
Mark Randall Carderelli
Peggy Lorene Davis (Ferguson?)
Michael Claude Fletcher
Richard D Gentry III
Pamela Sue Goff (Kelly?)
Horacio Gutierrez
Sandra Kay Hedrick (Feazell?)
Cheryl Trent Hudson (Tate?)
John Daniel Johnson
James Vernon Laughlin Jr
Gerald Bruce Lindsey  
Charlotte Litten (Wilson?)
Cathy Lynn Mayhew (Tweedy?)
Allen David McConville
James Roger Millner
Joseph Wade Morris
Patricia Ann Moyer (Godsie?)
Marianne Blair Ogle (Maschak?)
Van Dale Ogle
Bruce Campbell Ostrom  
Karen Keith Penny (Horn)
Elmer Steele Pollard
Sharon Kay Powell (Marilla?)
Ava Lou Pribble (Tomlin)
Clarence R Riley Jr
Kathy May Robertson (Stone?)
Sandra Marie Wade (Holloway?)
Terry Wayne Whitlock
Terry Michael Wilson
Jeffrey Howard Woods

The following have had phone messages left if possible, but mail has been returned. (marked NF-not found)
Eula Mae Diuguid (Stamps)  NF
David Allan Harmon   NF
Robert Harold Hughes   NF
Terry Krause NF
John Robert Lair Jr   NF
Sherry Ann Mason (Reynolds) NF
Tony Roger Powell   NF
Ann Sanborn  NF
Pat Lou Robertson (Garrett)  NF

If marked with a Facebook? it means I found someone I think is them on Facebook, but the messenger app on Facebook doesn’t let you contact someone you aren’t friends with. If you are friends with any of these people or others on Facebook, please contact them and invite them to join the Facebook group, or contact me.

Audrey Faye Cabble (Owens)  on Facebook?
Janice Gayle Cabble (Harrison)  on Facebook?
Mark Carderelli on Facebook?
Melissa Grey Commins   on Facebook?
Patricia Ellen Creasy (Driskill)  on Facebook?
Terry Lane Rexrode   on Facebook? (has been messaged)

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